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“I was asked to accept a call to a parish that had significant pain and loss. I told the Bishop at that time, yes with one condition, that Jim Gettel would be my coach and consultant. His relationship grew so that for the past 7 years he has been our consultant to our vestry (leadership team). As a lay professional, he is able to connect with ease to our lay leadership team. His knowledge is great but he is a gifted cheerleader. He not only is flexible and creative he helps others find the courage to live more fully into their baptismal promises as individuals and as congregational leaders.”

—The Reverend Joanne Skidmore


“Jim's sense of mission and vision led Our Next Generation from good to great. His quiet and firm personality helped me set high expectations. His accountability also helped us meet or exceed those expectations. I truly enjoyed his leadership style, thrived with his direction and the organization can take great pride in its work because of Jim's excellent leadership.”

—Maggie Broeren, Former Executive Director at Our Next Generation


“Jim Gettel is the consummate professional with strong skill sets that include developing new businesses, providing insight and guidance as legal advisor, and managing and establishing the administrative and financial areas of The Waterstone Group businesses. Jim’s insight and overall knowledge in those areas were invaluable in the development of our companies. He frequently went beyond customary activities to make certain that all were fully informed and listened to everyone’s input. He has the ability to analyze a myriad of subjects and formulate concise and complete conclusions quickly and effectively. More importantly, Jim is one of the most honest and caring people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. He truly and genuinely cares about those around him and demonstrates that daily in his interactions. His professional and personal integrity are unparalleled. He understands that all interactions and activity must be predicated on doing the right thing and he won’t compromise his beliefs and values.”

—Jack Knapp, Cofounder and Former Vice President of The Waterstone Group


“Jim is one of the very few people I can recommend without any reservations at all. I have known him both professionally and personally for 25 years. I trust Jim absolutely because I have experienced his profound personal integrity; he has always told me the truth even when I didn't want to hear it. His business judgment and general acumen about the world have never failed to impress me. Jim's ability to balance business issues with legal implications has saved me countless hours of grief not to mention the financial impact. I've seen Jim weather crises with such calmness that he inspired confidence in everyone around him and led them to great solutions. This is a person you want on your team – anywhere, anytime.”

—Peter Novins, Chief Executive of ZenCompliance

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