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Congregational Development Consulting

The church is at its best when it is incarnational (showing forth God’s love for people and creation), discipling (helping people live into the loving relationships of God’s kingdom), and apostolic (sending people to love and serve God and other people in the world).

Jim Gettel has passions, skills and experience in helping Christian leaders:

  • Center their leadership in Jesus

  • Develop healthy and loving communities of belonging, purpose and leadership

  • Strengthen skills in interpersonal relationships and reconciliation

  • Listen and discern mission and identity (who God is calling us to be in our local contexts and communities)

  • Intentionally re-imagine, revitalize and grow Christian communities through new and existing ministries

  • Take new approaches to ministry to reach and serve non-church people

  • Create connecting relationships through small groups and ministry teams

  • Cultivate mutual ministry and shared leadership

  • Become good financial stewards and sustain Christian communities

  • Address challenges of leading during times of conflict, change or renewal

Contact Jim to learn more about congregational development consulting.

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